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 An Asia-Pacific leader in supplying equipment and services for commercial and military aircraft, including airlines and business and general aviation.The products can be used on  Boeing,Airbus,Bombardier,Embraer,Cessna,Gulfstream, Bell, Sikorsky, Agusta, Eurocopter, Robinson Helicopter, etc.

 Authorized distributor of well known OEM as Honeywell, Fire Fighting, Cobham, Zodiac- Driessen, Esterline, ACSS, Garmin, Skytronics, Spirit Aerosystems, Aspen, Skylock, Telex, L-3,Hella, Aviointeriors, Rogerson, David-Clark, Beaver etc.

What we can do:
1} Airlines BFE/SFE selection
2) Recommend the products to aircraft manufacturers
3) Distribute/Agent/Repair/Overhaul/Retrofit OEM components for aircraft operator.
4) Aftermarket distribution with regional stock, Stocking locations in California、Hongkong、Guangzhou to support customers’ critical requirements.
5) Technical Support and MRO services
6) Credit Administration,increase sales and reduce operational cost.Credit management

Jr-Tech growth plan:
• Acquire additional aircraft equipment sales and service capabilities in support of wider customer base in Asia Pacific. Continue to capitalize on China’s explosive aerospace growth.
• Increase support of growing aviation customer base in Asia Pacific by adding engineering services to complement existing avionics services
• Selectively invest and partner with key OEMs and MROs to enhance their operations in Asia Pacific.
• Add more qualified/trained personnel in support of first-class service to operators and equipment suppliers.
• Increase the market share..

All JR-Tech's accomplished works are also admitted by CAAC. JR-Tech is an FAA approved repair station. Quality is always the top priority of JR-Tech. To ensure that all operations are equivalent to the factory standard, our highly skilled and experienced engineering staff were trained and certificated. JR-Tech can offer competitive pricing and fast turn around time (TAT) to our customers. Our mission is to provide first-class service and high quality products to customers.

Now, JR-Tech ( Guangzhou) Co.; Ltd have become a subsidiary of United Enterprise Group Ltd.

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